Update Your Bowling Alley

Bowling is a well-loved activity by people of all ages. It fosters quality time among family, friends, and even colleagues. You can get ahead of the competition by modernizing your business.

All American Building not only builds residential and commercial bowling alleys. We also offer bowling center upgrades and modernization that attract new customers and retain your existing clients. Let us help you determine the most suitable upgrades to increase revenue.

Keep Up and Drive Business to Your Bowling Alley

Make your business stand out among the other bowling centers in your area by offering upgraded and updated amenities. Get in touch with All American Bowling Equipment: we install high-quality new bowling equipment materials and machines, to help boost your bowling business.

Bowling enthusiasts are drawn to establishments that are well-maintained and outfitted with modern equipment. Replace worn-out lanes, upgrade the bowling score system, install high-quality displays, and provide comfortable seating in the players’ areas. Invest in the essentials, and you can soon attract new patrons and encourage loyal customers to come back more often.

Enjoy Modern Bowling Amenities at Home

Even when it’s just you and your family and friends who’re using the bowling alley at your house, your equipment can still bear the marks of wear and tear. Old lanes, chipped pins, and a slow scoring system will no doubt dampen your enjoyment of the sport.

Make the most of your home bowling alley by keeping up with the developments in the sport’s technology and equipment. Modernized bowling alleys now use LED lanes, dramatic lighting, and automatic scoring and performance tracking systems. You can turn your private bowling alley into a top-notch, home entertainment room.

Upgrade and Modernize with Quality Technology and Products

Bowling is a timeless activity, but the equipment pieces used in bowling centers are constantly changing. All American Bowling remains up-to-date with the technology and products that make bowling more enjoyable.

When you’re modernizing your existing bowling center or building a new one, we’re the team to call. We transform your bowling alleys into a first-class entertainment center through state-of-the-art scoring systems, synthetic lanes, and LED lane and capping lighting. We also make your business more enticing through beautiful and comfortable bowling furniture.

Let’s discuss your bowling alley modernization plan today. Call us at (412) 262-1045.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. When should I call professionals for bowling alley repairs and upgrades?

    Signs such as inconsistent scoring, visible lane damage, irregular pinsetter operation, abnormal sounds during play, or frequent breakdowns are indicators that repairs might be needed. Contact us to identify and address any issues proactively.

  • 2. How long does it take to install a bowling alley?

      On average, it can take several months to a year or more from planning and design to completion. But it may vary based on numerous factors such as the size of the project, customization, permits, and equipment procurement. Call us today at (412)262-1045 to get an accurate estimate.

  • 3. How frequently should maintenance be performed in a duckpin bowling alley?

    Usually, regular inspections and minor maintenance is advisable routinely. But the frequency of maintenance may differ depending on the usage of the alley.


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