Looking for a Duckpin Social Bowling Attraction for your Business or a Duckpin Bowling Alley for your Home? No need to look any further.

All American Bowling Equipment is in it’s 5th Family Generation as a supplier of commercial and residential Duckpin Bowling.

Wondering what the difference is between Duckpin Bowling and Mini Bowling? Find Out Here.


Duckpin can be installed in as little as 30ft., with a 4’-9” approach and 25’ -3” lane or without an approach.  Synthetic Lanes comes in a rich wood finish.  Optional Boutique Lanes includes a wide variety of wood grain options and different colors as well.


  • EDGE String is the next generation in string pinsetter technology,  packaging revolutionary electromechanical design and intelligent software into a pinspotter that makes possible for any center or residence to deliver the fun of bowling, with peace of mind and at very low operating cost.
  • Smartphone app will notify and guidance when attention is needed
  • Real Time Operational Alerts: Informs if there is ever a stop in play, what the issue is and to do.
  • Maintenance Notification and Guidance: Informs when it’s time for service, what is required, tools and time needed, and shows how to do it through instructional video.
  • Green and Red Light “Bowl/ don’t Bowl”


System provides the ultimate user- friendly operation and games for your family and guests.

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