Looking for a Duckpin Social Bowling Attraction for your Business or a Duckpin Bowling Alley for your Home? No need to look any further.

All American Bowling Equipment is in it’s 5th Family Generation as a supplier of commercial and residential Duckpin Bowling.


Duckpin can be installed in as little as 30ft., with a 4’-9” approach and 25’ -3” lane or without an approach.  Synthetic Lanes comes in a rich wood finish.  Optional Boutique Lanes includes a wide variety of wood grain options and different colors as well.


  • EDGE String is the next generation in string pinsetter technology,  packaging revolutionary electromechanical design and intelligent software into a pinspotter that makes possible for any center or residence to deliver the fun of bowling, with peace of mind and at very low operating cost.
  • Smartphone app will notify and guidance when attention is needed
  • Real Time Operational Alerts: Informs if there is ever a stop in play, what the issue is and to do.
  • Maintenance Notification and Guidance: Informs when it’s time for service, what is required, tools and time needed, and shows how to do it through instructional video.
  • Green and Red Light “Bowl/ don’t Bowl”


System provides the ultimate user- friendly operation and games for your family and guests.