Synthetic Lanes

Whether you’re looking for traditional looking wood or one of the many designer colors, we have the lanes that will compliment your vision. The lanes will help you stand out in the crowd and help drive more business to your bowling center.

LED Lane Lighting

Capticate your guests with stunning LED Lane Lighting. We offer a variety of LED Bowling Lane Lighting to add that extra wow factor to your bowling center.

LED Capping Lighting

The LED capping lights are available in different options. You can order just the narrow division capping, ball return capping or both. The lights are controlled through a DMXcontroller. Your options are numerous and will enhance any event you are hosting.


It doesn’t matter if you’re considering ten pin or duckpin machines, All American has the right pinsetter for you. We have free fall and string machines from which to choose. You tell us what type you need and we will get the machine that is right for you.

Scoring Systems

With technology changing at such a rapid pace, bowling scoring systems can become outdated after a couple of years. All American Bowling offers the most up-to-date scoring and management technology. We can help you find the right scoring system for your bowling center.